Authentic Refried Beans Without the Fuss

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1 can pinto beans (doesn’t matter the brand)

bacon grease

1/3 chorizo (find in the freezer section)

Cotija cheese (you can usually find this Walmart or even a hispanic grocery store)

Chili(i prefer Serrano but you could use regular jalapenos)

Salt and Pepper


Dice your chilis as fine as possible.  Since I love spicy food I use 2 whole Serrano chilis.  If you like a little bit of spiciness use only 1/2 of 1 or just use a jalapeno which is not as spicy as a Serrano (set aside).  Next grab a handful of the cotija cheese and crumble it (set aside).

Now you can start cooking.  First you want to start cooking your pinto beans as usual.  Once they are cooked (take of the stove but keep beans in the pot) mash-up with your hands or a utensil of your choice, throw in your bacon grease, cotija cheese (to your liking of creamyness), finely diced chili, and squeeze in your chorizo all in to the pot.  Stir completely over the medium heat and your done.  🙂 Enjoy.

It takes so long for people to make refried beans from scratch.  What if you could make authentic refried beans within 10 minutes?  It is definitely possible.  Here is how its done.Add Video


Coco-Macadamia Nut Crusted Tilapia

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Last week my mom called me up telling me how she was experimenting with tilapia.  She came up with coco-macadamia nut crusted tilapia.  She encouraged me to try it and without hesitation and little convincing I did.  I have to say it is amazing and easy.  Hope you guys like it tell me what you think.

1 cup dry Coconut flakes (sweetened is ok)
3/4 cup chopped macadamia nuts
1-2 eggs (beaten in a separate bowl)
4-6 Tilapia filets (thawed)
Preheat over 425*
1. Beat eggs and set aside
2. Combine chopped coconut and macadamia nuts in a separate plate and set aside
3. One at a time, dip each tilapia filets into egg batter and coat well.
4. Place filet into the coco-macadamia nuts and cover entirely. Repeat with other filets
4. Place filets on baking dish.
5. Bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes

DO NOT OVER-BAKE OR FISH WILL BECOME DRY.  Serve fish with mango salsa.  I would recommend using the recipe I had given in my first blog.  ENJOY

  • Note
    If you have left overs you can make corn tortilla fish tacos with the mango salsa.

Creating and Keeping Business Relationships

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I admit when a conversation starts whether it’s long time friendships or people I just met I sometimes start to zone out, not on purpose of course but I have to force myself and concentrate on what the other person is saying.  For some people it takes practice while others it comes naturally.  You have to remember keeping your clients or investors is what will help keep your business afloat and even grow so it will never always be about you.  Invest your time with your investors and clients and communicate properly.

What can help and/or hurt your business relationships?  Trust.  Trust is one of the most important things you should invest in.  Trust will help your relationships if someone gives it to you as well as you trusting them.  If one person does not give or have trust the business relationship will fail.

For more information of business relationships visit

Spicy Temple

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This version of a Shirley temple was created by Jon Gasparini.  He is the owner of Rye Bar in San Francisco visit him at


1 cup sugar                                                      1 cup sugar

1 cup chopped fresh ginger root               1 cup pomegranate juice

grated zest of two lemons                        6 ounces seltzer water

2 cups water                                                    1 marasca cherry marinated in maraschino liqueur

Step 1: Ginger syrup:  combine in saucepan.  Bring to boil  Simmer until mixture reduces by half.  Strain and refrigerate when cool.

Step 2: Pomegranate syrup:  follow steps for ginger syrup above.

Step 3: Combine 1 1/2 ounces ginger syrup and 1/2 ounce pomegranate syrup in ive filled high ball glass.

Step 4: Top off your drink with the 6 ounces seltzer water

Step 5: Garnish with your 1 marasca cherry marinated in maraschino liqueur

Après Ski Drink: Minty

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This spiked drink was created by Christopher Keating a culinary director of Hotel Jerome in Aspen.

Hot chocolate with a pinch of schnapps.


2 cups milk                                                                                         1 ounce peppermint schnapps

1 cinnamon stick                                                                             1/2 cup heavy cream

3 sprigs fresh mint                                                                          1 Tbsp powdered sugar

6 ounces high-quality chocolate, shaved                             1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract

Now combine milk, cinnamon, and only 2 sprigs of mint.  Heat until it is almost boiling.  Slowly whisk in the chocolate.  Remove from heat.  Add schnapps.  In separate pan, combine cream, sugar, and vanilla extract and whip until it becomes medium stiff.  Top hot chocolate with cream, your last sprig of mint and a touch of your shaved chocoalte.  Share with a desired companion or just save for your self.

If you’d like you can add a touch of dark cherry syrup gives your mouth a little kick.  Enjoy.

Social Networking For Your Business

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How can you start your social networking for your business?  From what I have learned there are multiple ways to accomplish this.  It will take some time, patience and a lot of discipline to build your social network for your new and upcoming business. 

The purpose of building your social network is not to sell but to let your followers know what you intentions are as well as your value.  Be sure to create at least these 4 platforms for your business.

Blogging: Your blogs should include of course what you want to say as well as your value.  Subscribe to multiple blogs but be sure they have the same purpose as you as well as your value.  These bloggers will give you a different perspective. (Use your full first and last name or get as close to it as you can for your domain name)

Twitter:  Make a twitter account.  I used to never have a twitter account because I had the impression it was for high schoolers telling the public everything they are doing from brushing their teeth to walking their dog.  I did not care about that.  But my teacher gave me a different outlook on this platform.  It is a way to connect to people who have the same values.  It is a quick and simple way to find out different outlooks on creating your business.  If you love food and connect to people who love it as well they offer all sorts of sites for recipes or business you can connect to.  If you are diligent about twitter your name will become ranked #1 on google and people who are looking for your same values will try to get your business first. (Use your name so people can find you easily)

LinkedIn: This site is incredible as well.  For me this platform is the second most helpful (the first being twitter) for me to get my name and values out.  I have connected to business and important people I never thought would happen especially at my age of 21. (Use your name so people can find you easily)

Facebook:  I have used Facebook the wrong way for the past 3 years until now.  I learned that you should not reject people to be your friend on Facebook.  This platform makes it easy for people to contact you in almost every way.  But be sure to keep it professional and don’t put up your most important information such as your full birthdate.  Personally I have 2 Facebooks, one for friends and family and the other for business. (Use your name so people can find you easily)

Extra categories:

Gmail: You should use google for your professional email.  Remember try to use your full name ex.

Delicious: Delicious is an account to help you bookmark sites you like and maybe want to blog about.

For more information on social networking for your business try this site

Research & Planning


I have known quite a few people who had started their own business.  Some of them jumped right into it while others took their time to start their small business.  Could you guess who had the higher percentage of failing?  Why is it that many entrepreneurs and their small businesses have such a higher rate of going bankrupt and having to give up their dream?  It’s because they did not take the time to research and plan what and how they needed to sell.  A business requires a great deal of planning and research.

As you may know my goal in life is to start my own cafe/small business.  I have done much research and am trying to find the most helpful advice and here is what I have found.  Alvin Wade the article author of “How to Start A Small Business” has given great advice and I encourage you to read his article (Alvin’s article link is listed below).  I know when the time comes I will try my best to follow it.

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